Currently all Projects have found homes, except The Bay Mare and she has a check up Nov/19th with Outlaw Equine

We do not offer horses that are visibly unsound, because we know they'll be an expense for their new home that they may not be willing or ready to take on. But, each week or at least every other week we see a horse that has the potential to have MONETARY Value and the ability to add value to someone's life and we as a tribe can pitch in $5, $10, $20, each and help the horse to at least a diagnosis and a plan of action so we CAN offer this horse to the public knowing that they're leaving to their new home with their issues resolved, or at very least their issues tackled and a proper plan of care lined out so the horse has the best chance of never ever ending up dumped again! If you'd like to gift funds and sponsor a project any amount will help, even $2 can pay for a basic wormer! Text Tara 318-335-8720 she can invoice you via Square