Win a FREE Horse ???

The Giveaway will be done LIVE on Facebook and saved. The saved video will be uploaded to our YouTube and posted each month on this page Below. Each month we will post the Giveaway Video, the winner, and then update with the horse they select!

** FREE HORSE, Winners will be able to choose ANY horse offered on Thompson Horse Company up to $1,500 !!!

- They will receive a Travel Package ($145 value) and 1 week Private Care while waiting for transport. 

(Winner will be responsible for pick up or transportation cost) 

-> If the Winner can NOT Take a horse we will have a cash option of $500. Yes, that is right if you win and are unable to take a horse you will be given $500 cash.

-> Any Profit made from each monthly subscription will go to FUND The Wild Tribe and Double S Kill Pen Rehoming effort

Win a FREE Horse ???

Yes, you read that correctly! ONE LUCKY member of THE WILD TRIBE

will win a FREE HORSEevery month!

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Each Subscription will get you ONE FREE Entry into our Giveaway! 

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