Please do not purchase without reading the following buyers guide.

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La Patrona Equine Buyers Guide

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You are soley responsible for your transport and we appreciate you having your horse picked up in a timely manner.

If you need transport the lot can haul your horse for .75-.85 a loaded mile from Pitkin to your home town. You will contact Gary to get on his transport list.

If you plan to pick your horse up, or have hired your own transport you have to schedule a time with Gary.

Gary - (318)335-8293




- In order to purchase, you must pay an invoice and accept our terms and conditions. No horse will be considered sold unless an invoice is sent, and paid in FULL. 

- All horses are sold by Tara Sanders, Jacob Thompson, Charlie Plate, privately or on behalf of Jacob Thompson Cattle LLC are considered as is, with no guarantee. Nothing ANYONE HAS said, implied, or written is any form of a guarantee. We do the evaluations as a courtesy to the horses and our customers. But, they are subject to human error.

- ALL SALES ARE FINAL. We do not offer refunds or exchanges, even in cases of death or injury. No cash or Paypal payment will be refunded for any reason! You will be charged with theft of livestock if any livestock has left our property and you do a chargeback, or PayPal dispute. They are AS IS, and you own it as soon as it's paid for.

- We have the right to refuse business to any person(S). 

- We retain the right to refund any monies paid for livestock before it has left our property. If we feel you're irrational or become hard to deal with your payment will be refunded with the exception of a $250 convenience fee to re-advertise the horse.

Every horse listed is in PITKIN LA, zip code 70656 at Thompson Horse Company or La Patrona Equine (Quarantine), unless stated otherwise.

- All horses are subject to need quarantining unless otherwise stated. All horses who pass through a sale barn are exposed to sickness. We highly recommend a minimum of 15 days of quarantine. But, 30 days is likely best. You can do this at your facility, or we do have an option available here before transport.

If you see an End Date:
- If the horse's end date is within 24 hours, this horse is now eligible for a reprieve. If you'd like to gift 10% of this horse's original price this will give this horse 5 more days, and lower the price. Horses are eligible for two reprieves, which will total 10 days.

For Questions CALL or TEXT
TARA (318) 335-8720

To Purchase TEXT or CALL
Jacob 318-481-8588

Need to know Numbers - cheat sheet
- Quarantine 318-335-8720 (Tara)
- Transport / pick up 318-335-8293 (Gary)
- Vet 337-396-5029 (Ted Hoerner, 4 years of service with us)
- Farrier +1 (337) 375-7661  (Jeff)
- Purchase 318-481-8588 (Jacob)

- Charlie - 337-378-8560


-no exchanges and no refunds 
-buyer is responsable for transport
-we recommend quarantine.
-we recommend all horses purchased, be further evaluated by a trainer before any beginner or intermediate rider rides them.
-no one is permitted on the property unless they have a scheduled pick up or showing.
-We recommend picking your horse up in a timely manner (48 hours), if you hire a hauler please make sure they have photos to identify your horse, if the wrong horse is loaded, you're responsible for returning that horse before your horse can be picked up. If you take the wrong horse and it dies or you can not return it for any reason, you're responsible for the purchase price of that horse as well as the board on the horse we still have.

-Registry/Registration Papers .... We do NOT guarantee that any papers presented to match the horse at hand. Unfortunately, we receive horses from the auction who do not match the paperwork provided by the seller at auction which is why ALL VET WORK is required to be redone before they leave the lot with a MICROCHIP. When a horse comes to us with papers, we will advertise the horse with the papers it came with, but because of the lack of knowledge regarding the horses' past, we can not guarantee anything regarding its papers, from transfer to a positive ID. So, please look at the horse's photos and papers over carefully yourself. IF YOU DO NOT PICK PAPERS UP WITH THE HORSE, WE DO NOT GUARANTEE THEM AS WE DISPOSE OF ALL PAPERS AT THE END OF EVERY MONTH ON HORSES WE HAVE ASSUMED SHIPPED...

We highly recommend you do DNA to verify identity with AQHA, prior to breeding a mare, based on the pedigree provided.

Mares - Any bred mare was likely bred prior to coming to our establishment, possibly even at the sale barn she came from. We will NOT be able to provide any paperwork to register any foal. Also, never assume any mare from our establishment is "OPEN", as we have no idea if they were exposed to a stallion even just for the night at the sale barn they came from. 

- sharing the horses is how they find their homes! YOUR SHARE maybe the one that saves their life!
- Please visit the website for an organized list of horses available. 
- While you're on the website make sure you visit the home page, and add yourself to our e-mail list.

Staying connected is important to us!
- So, do NOT forget to sign up for our text message updates so you never miss another live video at the pens! Just Text HORSEHERO to 41411
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-- Please read the following before purchasing

Once purchased you will be charged $15.00 a day storage/board.  We will bill for storage upon pick up, or transport and no livestock will be released until storage is paid in full. 


-First person to request an invoice has first option, if a second person is interested and the invoice is not paid within 2 hours we move on to the second buyer.

- Payments / Holds - No horses will be held without a minimum of half down. This is ABSOLUTELY non refundable, and balance due within 7 days (and no refund of the original half down if you can't finish paying). You will also be billed $15.00 day storage/board.

TRANSPORT - AS THE BUYER you are responsible for transpiration, you can either pick your horse up or we have Nationwide PRIVATE transport available starting at .75 per mile. Please get with Gary to get an exact quote to you location.

- If you're picking up your own horse, this is available 7 days a week. However, you must give Gary a minimum of 24 hour notice and arrange this with him. No one will be allowed on premises without scheduled pick up. Trespassers regardless of reasoning who don't have a scheduled pick up will be ARRESTED.

- Lot Transport is from seller to buyer and is available at a base rate is .75 a mile but subject to be higher for small loads. You'll type in ZIP CODE 70656 To your zip code and multiply that figure times .75 for a quote, that way you have a ballpark figure. Contact Gary, to arrange transport or to schedule pick up. 318-335-8293


INFORMATION Provided about these horses is done so as a courtesy, however, nothing written or spoken is in any way a guarantee. We want our buyers to understand that often times we're not told the whole truth, by the sellers we purchased from so we do videos (oftentimes LIVE) so you can make an assessment for yourself of the horses ability and temperament. These things are subjective and we want you to be able to assess these horses for yourself. Our evaluations are merely our opinions, and again previous information given to the Lot regarding breed, history, or training may or may not be factual.

These horses are sold as livestock, with a buyer beware label. The condition of livestock is subject to change, pending stress, sickness, and weather conditions. We are not responsible for weight loss, death, or injury. Sickness can include but is NOT limited to strangles, a cough, sale barn lice (species-specific), girth itch, rain rott, thrush, shipping fever, etc. Treatment and any vet work required is subject to buyers expense. 

Once any livestock has been, purchased you will be charged $15.00 a day storage fees (starting July 1st 2017). We will bill for storage upon pick up, or transport and no livestock will be released until storage charge is paid in full.

All LIVESTOCK including horses, mules, donkeys, cattle, listed are sold "as is", no guarantees, no returns, and no refunds. Buyer is assuming all risk associated with buying livestock, and must understand you're doing so with little to no known factual history. As we can not guarantee the information we've been given as truth.

Often times livestock that go through a public auction are susceptible to stress related issues, which can compromise the immune system. Stress also causes gastric ulcers which leads to lethargy and loss of appetite, this can lead to sickness and weight loss (in some cases extreme weight loss). Horses are also subject to develop shipping fever after they leave due to the compromised immune system. Again, all sale barn livestock have possibly been exposed to lice, strangles, and other sickness / virus.

Please understand that you're assuming all risk associated with buying livestock, and that we do not offer any guarantees or refunds, as we didn't have a guarantee of any kind when we purchased and we assumed all the risk associated with buying. We expect you to assuming the same risk associated with buying livestock that we did, and by purchasing you understand that these horses are subject to weight loss, stress, sickness, and very well could take time to turn back around. We do not suggest you purchase if you're unaware of the risk or not willing to assume the risk associated with livestock that's been sold at public auction and then brought to a livestock feed lot. We are not to be treated as a boarding facility, but as a livestock feed Lot, and we appreciate your understanding.