‚Äč La Patrona Equine  Buy, Sell, and Trade LIVESTOCK.

We offer horses, both Privately Owned and Owned by Thompson Horse Co. As a bonded livestock dealership we buy cattle and horses at public auction, and we offer all of the breeding sound cattle, roping cattle, and viable horses back to the public before their next option, which is being sold for profit to slaughter. We are NOT a rescue. We are a feedlot for livestock that were sold at public auction. All Livestock which includes Horses and Cattle are SOLD AS IS, with no guarantee. We do not offer refunds under any circumstance. However, if you are unsatisfied with a purchase please contact us directly, for trade back options. We do however have the right to refuse a trade back.

We buy roughly 150 horses per week, we buy Ranch Geldings, Registered Broodmares, Race Horses, Performance Prospects, and we also buy horses that are sold by the pound. To try to explain to the public what we do, We make dozens of auctions a month in hopes we can pick up some quality livestock to resell for a profit. Some are Quality TRADERS and some are just quality "feeders". But, not everything we buy has monetary value over slaughter. The horses that do we've chosen to VIDEO, and evaluate in hopes that we can reconnect them back to the public so they have a future in a good home. I would like to believe in reciprocity, and its my good karma to offer the horses an opportunity to be seen before slaughter. If I am going to make my living off of HORSES, the least I can do is give them every opportunity and do my best by them. I CAN NOT rehome them all, but the ones I can we will do our best for.

With the above being said please understand some of these were bought never intending for Slaughter purpose those are traders, race horses, performance horses, and good quality ranch horses. As a business our purpose is to BUY LIVESTOCK TO RESELL FOR A PROFIT.  For us this is a business, so the horses who are evaluated are offered at a price we feel is fair, and still below "retail" value so you get a good deal and we make a profit, but you can still resell them in the future if needed as a privately owned horse, for profit yourself.

We genuinely appreciate ALL of our customers, both Private Buyers and Rescues. And we absolutely LOVE updates, especially of the horses who had any reprieve paid by a third party.

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